Rotary staff in Evanston commemorated the International Day of Peace (21 September) by marching behind a peace banner to a local park for a guided peace meditation.

Rotary Peace Centers shape hundreds of careers in peace and conflict resolution

With bloody conflicts raging in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and parts of Central Africa, the message of nonviolence and reconciliation that nations worldwide will observe on 21 September demands more urgent and collective attention.

In 2001 the United Nations designated the September date as an annual International Day of World Peace "to be observed as a day of global ceasefire and nonviolence" according to a General Assembly resolution.

The day's devotion to peace connects closely with what Rotary members have been fostering since to advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace, was proclaimed in 1917.

Rotary's goal of worldwide peace and tolerance has been an unwavering pursuit: conducting global forums, hosting international peace symposiums, advancing peace through its 60-year collaboration with the UN, as well as grassroots initiatives such as the .

But Rotary's most significant effort to wage peace is the program, established in 2002. Each year, the program trains some of the world's most dedicated and brightest professionals, preparing them to promote national and international cooperation and to resolve conflict. They include graduates of a two-year master's degree program and a three-month professional certificate program at Rotary's partner universities.

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Philippine Rotary Day shines a light on Rotary Community Corps

On 22 August, I had the opportunity to attend a national Rotary Day in Manila celebrating the accomplishments of Rotary Community Corps (RCCs) and other community service partners. The event was held at the Tuloy Foundation’s Don Bosco Streetchildren Village, an amazing nonprofit institution that has provided residential care and vocational training to more than 17,000 disadvantaged youth over the past 20 years. More than 600 Rotarians, RCC officers, and civic leaders came together for the event.

The day included a keynote speech by RI President Gary C.K. Huang, an address from the Vice President of the Philippines, Mr. Jejomar C. Binay, who is a Rotarian, and inspirational remarks from Father Rocky Evangelista, the founder of the Tuloy Foundation. Father Rocky shared the story of the village’s rise from humble beginnings serving twelve children in a small room to its present-day 4.5 hectare (about 5,200 square foot) community serving up to 1,000 children at any given time. A group of the Tuloy children put on a fun song and dance performance displaying the confidence and optimism they’ve gained through the program......

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Rotary Club of Coimbatore Spectrum reaches out to flood victims in Kashmir, India

As the Kashmir Valley got flooded, two dedicated Rotarians, Rtn K.K. Payal and Rtn Chendilnathan of Rotary Club of Coimbatore Spectrum from RI District 3201, flew down to Srinagar on
Sept 14 carrying with them emergency medical supplies.

Upon landing at the Srinagar Airport, they took a walk down the streets of the flood ravaged city. They reached the first relief camp which was set up around 1 km from the airport. This camp was handled by Dr. Yattoo and Dr. Tehmeena Bhukari – wife of a former Rotarian, Shujaat Bhukari. The medicines were handed over to the camp, where over 500 people were seeking relief for BP, Diabetes, Thyroid, Gastroenteritis and skin allergies.

Our Rotarians then moved on to a second camp managed by Shujaat Bhukari and Peer Bilal. Here over 300 senior citizens needed medicines and others needed food. Children and lactating mothers asked for milk powder, which was arranged.......

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Building peace through storytelling

There are moments in our lives that we remember forever. These moments become our stories and help us understand and connect with a larger global community. When we tell our stories, we inspire others to tell their stories, and that produces positive change. Ultimately, through the power of storytelling, we build healthier communities, more effective workplaces, and schools of learning that enrich our lives.

My own story began when my family was forced to flee Uganda in 1972. Then President Idi Amin ordered the expulsion of the Indian minority from his country. My father, a young architect, received a job offer in south England from a sister company of the one he had worked for in Kampala, and there I was born.

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Sunil's Corner

PDG Sunil K Zachariah has been invited as a Training Leader for the International Assembly for Rotary Governors at San Diego in Jan 2015.

Why I Am a Rotarian - Sunil

Keynote Address by PDG Sunil K Zachariah on 9 Sept 2012 at the RCGF of District 3190 at Bangalore

Rotary Institute, Cochin - 2009. PDG Sunil K Zachariah welcomes the gathering

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