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黃其光社長日前參訪位於美國費城YMCA所舉辦的Rotary Youth Program,並教導學童學習"愛的鼓勵"(Happy Clap)! 總社長今年度將讓台灣最常見的鼓勵方式傳遍於世界各地!
RI President Gary visited Rotary Youth Program at YMCA in Philadelphia and taught the kids "Happy Clap" .

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PDG G.Viswanathan Memorial Lecture.- Public Image of Rotary, Organ donation and Disease prevention & treatment.

On 2nd August 2014, the Rotary Club of Cochin East along with the Institute of Engineers and Kerala…See More
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RIPE K R Ravindran accepted RI General  Secretary John Hewko's #‎alsicebucketchallenge‬. Find out who Ravi challenged. See the video

Polio vaccine combination seems best

An Iraqi internally displaced Yazidi child receives a polio vaccine at the town of Khanke, 430 kilometers northwest of Baghdad on Sunday. Researchers suggest that giving the injectable vaccine after the oral boosts the immunity in a child's gut better than additional doses of oral vaccine. (Khalid Mohammed/Associated Press)

For decades scientists have debated whether injectable or oral polio vaccine is the best option for trying to finish the job of eradicating polio. Now a new study offers an answer: Both.

The research, published today in the journal Science, says using at least one dose of the more expensive injectable vaccine after children have been vaccinated with the oral serum should speed up eradication and make the process safer.

The researchers suggest that giving the injectable vaccine after the oral boosts the immunity in a child's gut better than additional doses of oral vaccine, making them less vulnerable to circulating polio viruses.

The injectable vaccine is the type Canada and most developed countries have used for years.

It is safer, but significantly more expensive, and it has to be administered by a medical professional; oral vaccine drops can be given by trained volunteers.....

Read more The CBC Canada News

Why we can’t afford to ignore social media - Marylin Axler

I have been using social media to promote Rotary for three years now, posting on Linked In and other platforms to connect with others and share Rotary’s message. From time to time, I hear from members who are uncomfortable with social media. They say they feel it is invasive and they bring up concerns for privacy and safety.

Could it be that they are also afraid to embrace change? I agree the telephone is still the best way to communicate sometimes. But social media is clearly where it is at for younger people. Can we really afford to ignore the “new age of communications?”

I recently participated in Rotary’s Webinar, Membership: It’s Now or Never, where I learned that only a small percentage of our members are under the age of 40. How are we going to reach these younger generations if not through social media? Are we looking to our future?

Each social media platform is different. I like to use Linked In because it allows me to connect with other professionals from all over the world. I also use Facebook, Bing, and Google when I can. I have connected with thousands through social media. I learn from Rotaractors and Interactors about their projects, their important celebrations, and their fundraisers. This is their medium, and the reach is limitless.

My point and passion is this: we must prepare out clubs for the future. And we can do this by working with Rotaractors and Interactors, learning to use social media in all its power to promote Rotary. We are doing this in the Rotary Global History Fellowship. We work with Rotaractors who are sharing their ideas with Facebook friends worldwide. And I am so impressed with their enthusiasm for Rotary.

We must mentor our youth to become our leaders of today. And social media is the way to engage them.

 - eFlash member Marylin Axler in Rotary Voices


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Using social media to show the lighter side of Rotary

I like to present a lighter, more fun, more humorous side to Rotary on social media. I find it grabs people’s attention, member and non-member alike.

I come up with new, sometimes silly, ideas that inspire people and make them laugh — like using photo editing software to post a picture of Paul Harris taking a selfie, or posting a video of Past RI President Ron Burton dancing Gangnam Style, or posting an eye-catching image using #WeAreRotary. It’s all meant to get a response or reaction.

We can use social media to show that not only are we making a positive difference in the world, but we are having fun doing it. This makes the idea of Rotary more relatable, especially to new generations, who may feel disconnected with some of the formalities of Rotary but are avid users of social media.....

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The richness of belonging

Recently, I received a blue name badge from my Rotary club. Initially, when a member first joins, my club issues a red badge with a ribbon that identifies them as new members. As we take part in a series of tasks that include things like joining a committee, attending a district meeting, and participating in a club service project, we get our blue badges.

During a short ceremony, I looked out into the crowd, and realized how much these people have become my community. Eating lunch with them every Thursday since last September and hearing about their children’s sports wins, new grandchildren, trips far and wide, and professional achievements, I have a new way of locating myself in this little town of 20,000 people.....

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Sunil's Corner

PDG Sunil K Zachariah has been invited as a Training Leader for the International Assembly for Rotary Governors at San Diego in Jan 2015.

Why I Am a Rotarian - Sunil

Keynote Address by PDG Sunil K Zachariah on 9 Sept 2012 at the RCGF of District 3190 at Bangalore

Rotary Institute, Cochin - 2009. PDG Sunil K Zachariah welcomes the gathering

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